Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Swimming Pool Chlorine- 3" Tabs

  • 90% Stabilized Chlorine
  • Pure and fresh
  • Individually-wrapped tablets
  • Easy Open Bucket
  • Odor control

COMPARE TO BIOGUARDTM, SUNTM, GUARDEXTM, Leslie'sTM, and PACETM. You want the water in your swimming pool to be clean and safe using the best products at the lowest price, and so do we. Doheny's 3-inch chlorine tablets have a perfect balance of 90% stabilized chlorine and 99% active ingredients to stop bacteria and algae growth in its tracks. Plus, they stabilize against the sun's destructive UV rays to prevent swimming pool chlorine burn-off. The chlorine is locked in the pool water so you use less swimming pool chemicals, which saves you money. Each chlorine tab is slow dissolving and individually wrapped for easy handling.

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