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Ramsond Sinemate 3500 Watt 3000 W Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Gasoline Gas Power Generator RV Camper Boat...

Ramsond Sinemate 3500 Watt 3000 W Pure Sine Wave Portable Inverter Gasoline Gas Power Generator RV Camper Boat...

  • Portable Inverter Type Pure Sine Wave Gasoline Generator. Suitable for RV, Boat (Marine), Backup and Other Appliations
  • Max Generator Power 2800 Watts, Rated Generator Power 2600 Watts
  • Output: 1 (one) 20 Amp 120V 60Hz AC Receptacle + 1 (one) 30 Amp 120V 60Hz AC Receptacle (Suitable for Most RV AC's); 1 (one) 8A 12V DC Receptacle (For Battery Charging)
  • Portable & Light Weight; Trolley, Expandable Handle and Rear Wheels/Quiet - Suitable for Campgrounds
  • Electric Ignition (Battery and Ignition Keys Included) and Recoil Start / Accessories Included (Oil Bottle, Spare Spark Plug, Charging Cable and Clamps, Tool Kit)

Ramsond introduces its newest generation of Sinemate 3500 Portable Digital Inverter Gasoline Generator. Advanced engineering and state of the art manufacturing techniques make the Ramsond Sinemate 3500 the most reliable and sophisticated portable inverter generator in its class and one of lightest and quietest portable inverter generators in the market. Yet, despite its small size and weight, the Sinemate 3500 packs a heavy punch; with a 150cc engine, delivering 2800 watts of maximum power. Its pure sine wave digital inverter technology also ensures delivery of highly stable and constant voltage to ensure the safety of sensitive equipment. The digital inverter technology also makes it far more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional generators.

Suitable both as a stand-alone generator for use in home, RV, camper or office, as well as a portable power source at project/industrial sites, this highly versatile inverter generator system has been designed to meet the quality and safety demands of variety of applications.

It is extremely compact and lightweight. To assist portability, it is uniquely equipped with a trolley, retractable arm and enlarged rear wheels. Much like a suitcase, it can be easily wheeled along on any even surface.

The Sinemate 3500 is equipped with both recoil start and electric start (battery included).

The multi-function control panel of Sinemate is designed with both functionality and safety in mind. The Sinemate 3500 panel is equipped with one standard NEMA 20 Amp 120V socket (standard for US and Canada), and a 30 Amp, 120V L5-30R receptacle , which makes it possible to use this generator to run virtually any appliance, including most RV air conditioners. The panel is also equipped with a "\ /" style 12 Volt, 8.3 A DC socket for battery charging (12 Volt DC plug and wire clamps are also supplied). The ECON (Economy Mode) button, when turned on, allows the generator to run at a lower idle speed to conserve gasoline.

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