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Pond Vacuum Pondomatic By Oase

Pond Vacuum Pondomatic By Oase

  • Heavy-duty pond vacuum Remove algae, debris, and other unsightly pond scum with ease
  • 4 interchangeable nozzles for any pond cleanout job
  • Great for pond cleaouts and can remove particles up to 3/8"
  • Keeps your pond looking clean, clear and healthy.
  • 2 year warranty

The Oase Pondomatic Pond Vacuum is a must-have for any water garden pond owner. This heavy-duty pond vacuum will remove sludge, debris, algae; prevent the buildup of organic waste, all to keep your pond clear and fish healthy. The Oase Pondomatic Pond Vacuum features a built in auto fill and drain feature that will sense when the vacuum is full and will automatically turn itself off. In addition to the auto fill and drain feature, this pond vacuum has a built in check valve that prevents sludge from backwashing into the pond. 115 volt. 1400 watts. Includes 4 nozzle attachments, 16' intake hose, 8' discharge hose, 14' power cord.

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