Senin, 30 September 2013

Ronin Meditation Bench (Portable, Folding, Walnut)

Ronin Meditation Bench (Portable, Folding, Walnut)

  • Handmade in Prime, High-Grade Walnut
  • Hinges clasp together with hidden magnets
  • Folds into itself for travel
  • Biomechanically correct
  • Hand finished in natural lavender-beeswax coating

The Ronin Bench is the most unique meditation bench built today.

The Ronin is designed first and foremost to be bio-mechanically correct. The unique design of the legs allows you to comfortably align your knees however you like, and offers a sitting posture that aligns the spine and optimizes energy flow.

Named after the wandering samurai of ancient Japan, the Ronin Bench is a comfortable travelling companion, folding into itself for easy transport.

To minimalize exposed hardware, we've hidden magnets inside the joints that hold the legs together in the 'open' position.

Along with being light and portable, this bench is a solid and comfortable base of support, allowing a beautiful and effortless posture for the user.

The rope wrapping adds both grip and comfort; softer than bare wood without the sloppy movement of fabric covers.

It's simple and elegant design will find a home in any setting

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