Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit

Bounty Hunter Tracker II Metal Detector Archaeology Pro Kit

  • Ergonomically-Designed Metal Detector
  • Power Sensitivity Control
  • Full Discrimination Capacity
  • Includes Horsehair Detail Brush, Two 2" Canisters, Metal Trowel, Finds Log & Bounty Hunter Apron
  • Requires 2 9-volt alkaline batteries (sold separately)

Archeology students, beach combers, treasure and relic hunters, prospectors, and coin shooters will love the Bounty Hunter Educational Archeology Pro Kit, which includes the Tracker II metal detector. Sweep the search coil from side to side quickly or slowly, even in damp grass or shallow water, and the Tracker II will find what you're looking for with great accuracy. Detects coins down to 7 inches and larger objects down to 2 feet underground. Ground-Trac feature automatically balances the coil to specific soil conditions. Four operation modes, including Variable Notch, Auto Notch, and All Metal, allow you to pinpoint your target to reject iron, nails, or other trash. The LCD provides target ID and depth, operational controls, and a low-battery indicator. The built-in speaker and headphone jack let you keep a close ear on your hunting too. Includes a horsehair detail brush, trowel for digging, apron, two canisters to transport your treasure, finds log to keep track of your artifacts, comprehensive online tutorial, downloadable manual, and 5-year limited warranty. Requires two 9-volt batteries (sold separately).

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