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Coretect Tree & Shrub Tablets Insecticide - 250 Tablets per bottle

Coretect Tree & Shrub Tablets Insecticide - 250 Tablets per bottle


CoreTectTM Tree and Shrub Tablet Insecticide.
Avoid losing transplanted trees and costly call backs with CoreTectTM. New CoreTect tablets contain the world's #1 tree and shrub insecticide plus fertilizer, so CoreTect protects and nourishes. Used during planting or on established plants, CoreTect provides extended insect control through its controlled release technology. Once inside, CoreTect's systemic action makes plants stronger and more resistant to environmental stressors like heat, drought, and poor soil conditions.

Here's what CoreTectTM offers you:
2.5-gram tablets with 20% active ingredient plus fertilizer
Systemic action with same ingredient as Merit�
Slow release for extended insect control
Active ingredient causes plants to better tolerate environmental stress such as heat, drought and poor soil conditions
Great for newly planted trees and shrubs or on existing landscapes
Convenient and easy-to-use packaging: 250 tablets per bottle, 4 bottles per case

Provide your customers healthier trees and shrubs with CoreTect. And you will be less likely to be called back for dead or poor quality plants. That's good for your trees and for your bottom line.

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